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Computer Science & Engineering

Head of the Department : Mrs. Rupali Choudhury

Introduction :

With an earlier initiative of some competent computer professionals working in the computer centre, the first undergraduate batch rolled out in the year 2006.
The discipline acquires growing importance because of the recent development in the computer related Industries. The course will deal with the fundamental, as well as, advanced aspects, focussing on the proper utilization of the diverse array of computer applications in the engineering and technology processes maintained in the various industries of the present era.
Designing, constructing and testing the various computer-based systems, utilizing up to date programming languages, hardwares, and computer-based implementation will be the main features of the course, providing a thorough and in-depth insight of the advancement in the sector, ranging from artificial networks to distributed multimedia systems. Careers requiring analytical, software and interfacing skills are the most sought after ones in the field of Computer science and engineering. Management and corporate sectors related electronic design, manufacturing, networking, management and R&D as well, create plenty of opportunities for the graduates of this branch of Engineering.

Programmes :

Programme: B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering
Duration: 4 years.

Facilities :
  • Clusters of PCs running on Linux and Windows.
  • Connected to a 1Mbps(1:1) Internet Link (Broadband)
  • Connected to a 512Kbps(1:1) Internet Link (OFC, Reliance)
  • Development and debugging toolkits
  • Large repository of integrated circuits and components
  • Microprocessor interfacing toolkits
  • Windows 2003 servers
  • Oracle10g Database
  • Powerful Server from SUN
  • Powerful Server from IBM (One P-series, One X-series)
  • Round the clock accessibility.