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112 placed at TCS in 2012 batch, 25 placed at Accenture in 2012 .In TIL, L&T , Johnson Control, BOC, Verizon , ITC , IBM our students are placed.


Senior Manager :
Mr. Sibaji Chatterjee
Phone (mobile) : +91- 9831070053

Principal : Dr. Sunil Ranjan Das
Phone (mobile) : 
Email : 

Registrar: Mr. Bidhan Ghosh
Phone (mobile) : +91-9836981030
Email :

Organizational Processes :

The management is in a good touch and in closed relation with the faculties, students, staffs. The management always try to govern faculties , students and staffs in carrot & stick approach, rather than hire & fire policy.Feedback collected from students, teachers and other staff is regularly analyzed and used as input data for planning of projects for the development of the institute as a whole and academic and administrative standards in particular.

Involvement of Faculty and Students in Academic Affairs/Improvement :

As because the college is situated in rural area and 80% student usually stay at hostel as well as most of the teachers stay inside the campus and very occasionally they use to go home. The teachers pass their time involving themselves after class hour , giving guidance and expanding their co-operative hands for the students residing at hostel. They always look after the student like parents and engaged themselves with the student in their activities as needed .

Mechanism of Governance - Norms and Procedures for Good Governance :

Managing Committee of the institute always keep their eyes on the daily work or activities of the students, Faculty & Staff. They always try to fulfill the academic needs of the students and faculties. The director and deputy director stay inside the campus and watch the activities of the students after the class hour and always try to manage the student to move themselves in a good and decent manner. The institute have its arrangement of playground , common room , study room, etc. The students who are interested, to study beyond the college hour get the chance of studying in college study room. Overall the management is always conscious to promote good academic atmosphere, to develop students personality, to exchange or extended knowledge base technology and other related fields of education.

Student's Feedback on Governance, faculty Performance :

Every department is assigned by a head of department comprising of senior faculties to take feedback of the students in describe proforma as recommended by the university. The committee also monitor the progress and development of the student in a frequent manners, monthly once and submit the report of feedback to the appropriate authority to applift the weak areas and rectify the mistake and errors, usually prom it by the student in regular manner .

Grievance Redressal Mechanism for Students, faculty and Staff :

Feedback from the faculty, staff and students regarding administrative, academic and developmental affairs are always welcome.

If any of the students/staff/faculty has any grievance/complaint regarding academic or administrative procedures, he/she can bring it to the notice of the administrative department. Our efficient administrative representatives will always take up the matter seriously and it will be solved to the satisfaction of every body involved.

Outsiders can submit their feedback/complain online directly from the website